The very first thing we’ll ask of you is simple: relax. We started SouthLake as a safe environment for regular people to explore faith in community. Everyone is welcome here, whatever your story, questions, doubts, or struggles.

So come as you are, because that’s where God meets us - as is. From there, we’ll help each other grow to be all God intended us to be.

"What can I expect?"

  • Choose one of our identical services:
  • 9:15am & 11:00am
  • A message that will relate to your life
  • High energy and earnest music
  • After about 70 minutes it’s over.
  • Friendly people will help you find your way around
  • Hot coffee ready for you when you arrive
  • A fun, safe, and age-appropriate setting for your kids


A safe, nurturing, and warm environment where our littlest ones learn about Jesus as their physical and emotional needs are attended to with love and care.


Age-specific lessons capture kid’s attention and imagination as we introduce our kids to Jesus in creative ways.

Junior High

Offered at 9:15am

High School

Offered at 11:00am