At SouthLake Preschool:

  • We provide early academic skills, teach them appropriate social skills and offer many opportunities to be creative, artistic and explore.
  • We believe in working with families when problem solving and educating children.
  • We provide a safe, nurturing environment where we teach children about the love of God.
  • We believe in loving, consistent discipline.
  • Our dedicated teachers develop children to their maximum potential.

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At SouthLake Preschool- Children Matter! We believe in helping them feel loved, valued and respected. Our goal is to make your child’s first school experience positive and enriching; a safe place, where they leave every day having grown socially, emotionally, spiritually, academically and physically.

Social and Emotional Curriculum:
We want your child to feel confident, proud and successful by using manners, navigating friendships and problem solving with others. We teach how to problem solve with peers, how to make and be a friend, and other age appropriate social skills.

Spiritual Curriculum:
We want your child to feel Jesus’ love through the way we treat them, talk to them and how we teach them. Bible lessons are taught each week using First Look Curriculum.

Academic Curriculum:
We have chosen highly qualified and rated curriculum to support the academic growth of children. Our goal is to intentionally teach while engaging children through rich, exciting hands-on process oriented, developmentally appropriate practices. We want students to leave school feeling confident and “Kinder-Ready”.

Physical Curriculum:
Gross Motor- We want your child to feel healthy and strong. We have a beautiful outdoor play structure and we aso offer time to play indoors. We encourage being active and healthy play and eating choices. 

Fine Motor- We provide daily activities that focus on developing fine motor skills: gluing, lacing, coloring, painting, buttoning, zipping, etc. They will have daily opportunities to engage in different activities that meet their sensory needs.

Your child will be sent home if symptoms of illness appear. The child will be isolated from other students and you will be contacted to pick him/her up from the school within 45 minutes. Children who are contagious must stay home. School parents and the Health Department will receive a notice of communicable diseases that are present at the school when applicable.

We ask that you keep your child home if he or she:
-     has a fever or had one during the last 24 hours
-     has a heavy nasal discharge (pay attention to the color of nasal drainage)
-     has a constant cough
-     is overly tired (rest may prevent a serious illness from developing)
-     has vomited or had diarrhea in the last 24 hours
-     has been exposed to any communicable disease and may be developing symptoms
-     has symptoms of a communicable disease (runny nose, sore throat, headache, abdominal pain, redness in or discharge from eyes, rash, and/or fever)
-     has lice; children who have lice may not return to preschool until they are louse and nit (egg) free.

Safety is a top priority at school. We strive to ensure that not only the building and environment are safe, but that children are safe with themselves and others.

SouthLake Preschool views discipline as a process of developing appropriate behaviors. We handle behavior with “Love and Logic”; this is caring discipline with natural consequences. We also use positive reinforcements for good behavior which promotes self-confidence and leads to an increase in desirable behaviors. We highly emphasize the “golden rule” and the importance of treating others as we want to be treated. For more information please refer to their website:

At the beginning of the year, simple, important rules and limits will be implemented, designed to protect the child and the group. Staff will use positive language, focusing on “Do” rather than “Do Not” when redirecting inappropriate behavior. We also give direct instruction about how to problem solve. We believe it is an important life skill...and the children are capable! If there is a dispute or behavior that is not acceptable, the classroom teacher will ask the children to work it out. We will teach them to use their “words” not their body when working through a problem. The teacher will be there to help coach and guide the conversation. If this doesn’t work the teacher will help them problem solve.
When a child is upset we want to validate them and their feelings. It is perfectly normal to be mad or upset at times, the important thing is how they handle those emotions. We teach children how to identify their emotions and how to communicate their feelings appropriately.

We have high expectations for the children, if they are having a hard time following the class rules, then they will have a friendly warning. We will also teach the child what the expected behavior should look and sound like, and practice it the correct way. If the behavior does not improve, the teacher will decide the next step. Next steps will depend on the individual child and special situation. We will discuss the incident with parents so we can work together to best support the child.

At the discretion of the director, a written report will be completed when a child is abusive to or causes intentional injury to another child or staff member. The child’s parent will be notified and suspension or expulsion may be considered.

In the event that the child is exhibiting behavior that poses a danger to other students or staff, the director will require that the child be picked up from school immediately that day.

It is only on very rare occasions that a child’s behavior may warrant the need to find a different program. Examples of such instance include:

  • A child appears to be a danger to himself/herself, other children or Preschool staff.
  • Any other situation in which the accommodations required for a child’s success and participation in school are beyond the scope of our program’s offerings. The parent/guardian fails to acknowledge and/or abide by our program’s policies.
  • A parent/guardian demands special services that are not provided to other children and which our school cannot reasonably deliver, including requests that are outside the philosophy of our program.
  • A parent/guardian is physically or verbally abusive to children, staff, or anyone at SouthLake Church

AgeDaysHoursPrice (Sept-May)June
*This is a combo of the M/W/F and T/Th class

Want to extend your child's day?

If your child is enrolled in Preschool, you have the option to extend their day with us. Below are the options you can sign up for. This can be done in advance , or the day of, assuming availability. Please note that only 3-5 year olds can attend the Enrichment classes and Stay and Play options after school.

AgesHours Price
Before Care2-57:30-9:00AM $4.75/hr
Enrichment Class3-512:00PM-3:00PM $18 per class
Stay and Play3-53:00-5:00PM $4.75/hr

Annual Registration Fee
Registration: $100 with a max of $200 per family.

Annual Material Fee
2 Days$120
3 Days$148
4 Days$180
5 Days$193

5% discount given to families who pay the Full annual tuition before the 1st day of school

10% discount given to families with siblings enrolled simultaneously